Welcome to DAWN Commission

The DAWN Commission is the dedicated technocratic institution for the sustainable development of the Southwest Region.

DAWN Commission, was set up by the Governments of the Southwest States of Nigeria as the institutional and programme management body to midwife their Regional Integration Agenda. It is therefore the dedicated coordinating agency, fully empowered by the Governments to ensure the delivery of the composite development aspirations of the Region, as expressed in what has been generally adopted and known as the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN).

Mr. Oladipo Famakinwa, as the Director General is leading a diverse team of professionals, saddled with the mission of ensuring that the Development Agenda leads to improvement in the well-being and quality of the lives of the people of the Region.

The Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) formally became a reality with the formal inauguration of our office, DAWN Commission in July 2013. While we do know that our vision will not be achieved overnight, we have aggressively been plugging away at it.