The Guiding Framework

The Guiding Frame Work

DAWN is a regional development strategy that presents a necessity for all of the States in the Southwest of Nigeria to work together under a compelling collaborative framework of actions for integrated development policies, plans and programmes, in a manner that would enable the Region and its citizens to experience a well-managed process of socio-economic development, across all spheres of existence. The Agenda, therefore provides a renewed and rejuvenated vision for development across the States of the Western part of Nigeria.


To make the Southwest Region of Nigeria the first place of choice to visit, to live, to work, and to invest in Africa.

The Context

By Southwest Region of Nigeria, we refer to the Southwest geo-political zone as a definitional boundary comprising of Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, and Ondo. This also recognises the co-terminosity of neighbouring States that may be willing to engage and be part of this Development Agenda. The context however recognises the status of Nigeria as a Federal Republic, with all its inherent complexities.

Policy Imperative

The DAWN Framework projects initiatives that will harness the abundant resources of the Yoruba people and unleash their collective enterprise, with the final outcome of promoting their well-being and improving the quality of their lives.

Underpinning Philosophy

DAWN agitates for a competitive communalism that is inclusive and that nurtures every citizen of the Region as an important contributor to its social and economic advancement; where citizens are equal beneficiaries of opportunities created by the government of the Region that also acts as agents of prosperity in an environment where each person acts as his/her brother’s or sister’s keeper, the real Omoluwabi.

Operating Principles

The following are the broad and practical actions that each Government in the Region must pursue under the integration agenda. All the States in the Region must: