Why Regional Integration

Why Regional Integration?

DAWN is an inclusive development strategy. Global citizen and Nobel Laureate in Literature, Professor Wole Soyinka (also from the Southwest), canvasses what he described as “Regional Development Autonomy.”

Development Autonomy is a potent argument for the need to leverage repressed communal assets, talents and resources located within a Region, by side-tracking limitations placed on all by the inchoate Nigerian federalism.

Regional Integration and Cooperation is a development imperative. Integration prescribes a compelling alternative roadmap for achieving social and economic development, in hopes that successful models and best cases can evolve which would then be copied or replicated across zonal boundaries.

Regional integration will reduce duplication of efforts among our states and will therefore provide basis for more efficient coordination.

Southwest Of Nigeria

Regional integration will ensure monitoring of social and regional impact of structural adjustment policies.

Regional integration will help the Southwest States reap economies of scale, expand markets and collectively exploit their resources and gradually raise the Region’s strength in the global economy.

Therefore, it is hoped that Nigeria’s development process can be fast-tracked in an atmosphere of positive competitive regional initiatives and actions across the country.