DAWN Pillars of Development

The Final Implementation Roadmap (FIR) is an actual implementation plan and route to execution. It is a distillation of aggregated strategies, plans and programmes for managing a deliberate, determined, concentrated, and sustainable process for the development of the Region.

Five key areas of regional priorities are categorized as the “Development Pillars”

  • Agriculture and Agri-Business Development
  • Tourism and Enterprise Development
  • Tourism-Arts and Culture, Eco, Medical, Entertainment, Sports
  • ICT, Applied Science, Innovation
  • Solid Minerals


  • Education & Workforce Development (WfD)
  • Health and Wellness
  • Youth and Sports


  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Power & Energy
  • Science and Technology
  • Social – Education, Health, Youth & Sports


  • Governance-Political and Economic
  • Civil Service
  • The Civil Society


  • Homeland Security
  • Preservation-Arts, Culture, and Language
  • Awards and Rewards for Excellence